Frequently Asked Questions

What is was initially created for me to host images I created for This was in response to flickr, where I used to have said images and early ones are still available, being bought and changing their terms of service. Then I added the ability to link to and credit similar images with Public Domain and Creative Commons licensing. Finally, I added registered user functionality and an image upload form to expand the site further.

How moderated is "heavily moderated"?

Very very moderated. Since the primary focus of ccPixs is to provide only the best Creative Commons images, a small percentage of user submitted images are likely to be approved. Technically, one hundred percent of a user's submissions could get approved if they are all unique and high quality. In my experience though, people (generally speaking) tend to upload fifty slightly different versions of the same flower, etc. I was reviewing other image sites when I came across the perfect example of why I would be so picky. There is a user on Unsplash with 16,000 images... for a single account. Discoverability becomes virtually impossible with so many images so no, we won't be doing that.

What does an aspect ratio of 1.5 mean for images?

Hopefully this requirement will be removed in the future but for now the thumbnails and detail images are both in a 3 x 2 format. It can be done progamitically where the image is cropped to a 1.5 aspect ratio when uploading but I don't know how to do that. Someday though...

Why is my account suspended?

An account will be suspended primarily for two reasons. The repeated uploading of illeagal content in images; in reality a single image will do it and result in account suspension. Or the repeat infringer policy as specified by the DMCA. After a third image is flagged as a DMCA violation the user account will be disabled from uploading additional images.

How are you using pictures from with their license change? was founded in November 2010 as a Creative Commons 0 (CC's version of Public Domain) image web site. Then on January 9th 2019 they changed the license from a CC0 to a pixabay license. Was it in preparation for a sale to Canva? Regardless, CC0 is an "irrevocable" license however so once in the public domain always in the public domain. You will therefore not find any pixabay images from after the license change date as that would be in violation of the new license.